Our latest Chunky Knit Weighted Calming Blankets are designed to help ease anxiety through its weighted comfort design.


This weighted blanket for adults has been handwoven from massive weighted yarn, making it breathable and comfortable through all seasons, without the fuss of shifting beads. Engineered to relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged, which increases serotonin & melatonin levels improving your mood & promoting restful sleep. While decreasing cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress, our weighted blanket moulds to your body creating a deep pressure sensation that makes you feel safe and warm.


Quality sleep is critical to a healthy lifestyle and essential in reducing risk factors for many diseases and illnesses. Serene’s knitted weighted anti-anxiety blankets are designed to be a touch that trending rustic style to your home, living room, bedroom, guest room or anywhere around the house.



Hand knitted calming design 

Weighted for anti-anxiety and comfort 

Breathable pattern for all seasons 

Even distribution of secured weights 

Rustic interior style

Hand Woven Chunky Knit Weighted Calming Blanket -Dark Burgundy Red

  • 180cm x 200cm